Cenk Ozer

Your Trusted Ferry Pilot & Expert Flight Instructor

Embark on seamless aircraft transfers and elevate your aviation skills with Cenk Ozer, a distinguished pilot with 4200 flight hours. As a CFI, CFII, and MEI Tailwheel instructor, Cenk combines expertise with a passion for flying. His track record includes the safe, reliable, and successful transfer of over 50 aircraft, establishing him as a leader in the aviation industry.

Why Choose Cenk Ozer?

✈️ Extensive Flight Hours: Benefit from Cenk's extensive 4200 flight hours, showcasing a wealth of experience and expertise in navigating diverse skies.

✈️ Proven Track Record: With a successful ferry history of over 50 aircraft, Cenk Ozer is your assurance of reliability and success in every aircraft transfer.

✈️ Certified Flight Instructor: As a CFI, CFII, and MEI Tailwheel instructor, Cenk imparts his vast knowledge, shaping the next generation of skilled aviators.

✈️ Diverse Aircraft Expertise: Having flown over 40 different general aviation makes and models, Cenk brings a breadth of experience to every flight, ensuring a seamless transfer process.

✈️ Safety First Approach: Your aircraft's safety is Cenk's top priority. With a flawless record ferrying airplanes coast to coast, to Alaska, and back to the mainland USA without any accidents, incidents, or insurance claims, he takes every ferry job seriously, going above and beyond for safe ferry flights.

✈️ Global Reach: Whether local or international, Cenk Ozer facilitates seamless aircraft deliveries worldwide, ensuring timely and efficient journeys.

Elevate your aviation experience with the trusted expertise of Cenk Ozer. Check out my references.